Rich Clune: NHL Player

Producer/Director: Jaren Hayman

Rich Clune grew up like many Canadians, dreaming of playing in the NHL. Around the age of 12, Rich realized his dream had the possibility of becoming a reality. He never would have thought that eight years later and playing in the NHL playoffs for the LA Kings, he would have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but playing professional hockey.

Rich got drunk for the first time at age 13 and it quickly became an obsession to chase that feeling. Drinking eliminated insecurities and filled the hole inside him that made him uncomfortable in his own skin. Over time, Rich’s vices moved to cocaine and Percocet. From the age of 19 to 23, he was doing cocaine regularly. It wasn’t out of the question for him to use before a game to help jack him up after not sleeping for a couple of days.