Kylik Kisoun: Heart of the Arctic

Producer/Director: Morgan Inglis

Co-Producer: Kylik Kisoun Taylor

Entrepreneur. Cultural ambassador. Guide. Canadian. There are many words that Kylik Kisoun Taylor now identifies with, but none came easily at first. It took returning to the North, and becoming re-rooted in his culture to get where he is today. The recipient of the Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Media and TV Awards, this is Kylik’s story.

Kylik Kisoun Taylor is the founder of Tundra North Tours, a company in the Northwest Territories that shares authentic Arctic experiences with visitors. He grew up in Ontario, but when he traveled to the Arctic at the age of 16, he immediately knew that he was home. Reconnecting to his roots became an endeavour Kylik would become more and more passionate about, and when he was 20, he started his business in order to share powerful experiences with the world. Ten years later, Kylik is prouder than ever to connect people to Inuit culture through his work. Catch a glimpse of his life in our short film, Heart of the Arctic. Here, Kylik tells us more about his life and journey, and why he loves what he does.