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Speaking Haida: a Source of Power and a Journey of Healing

With less than five fluent speakers of the dialect left in the world, Jaskwaan Amanda Bedard’s life work is devoted to reawakening the Haida language.


Heart of the Arctic

Kylik Kisoun Cultural Guide Entrepreneur. Cultural ambassador. Guide. Canadian. There are many words that Kylik Kisoun Taylor now identifies with,...


Meet the TC Team: Missy McIntosh, Director and Producer

Meet the TC Team: Missy McIntosh, Director and Producer

Missy is often soaked from the rain as she wheels her bike in weekday mornings, but she is our source of sunshine at the office! A passionate food enthusiast (but don't call her a foodie), hot sauce and mustard connoisseur, and lover of karaoke and board games, Missy...

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